What documents are necessary to board a cruise?

For national travel, it is necessary to present a valid original photo identification document (RG or CNH) in good condition.
For international travel, in cases of Mercosur countries journeys, you must present a valid passport or identity document (RG) less than 10 years from the date of issue.
In cases of cruises to other countries, it is essential to present a valid passport, together with the visa of the country of destination, if required.
For travel with children and/or adolescents unaccompanied by legal guardians, it is required, in addition to the documents of the minor, travel and accommodation authorizations duly signed by the parents or guardians and with notarized signatures. For more information, go to: DOCUMENTATION (link).

How long in advance should I arrive at the Maritime Terminal of Salvador to check in?

As ships do not release boarding prior to the disembarkation of all passengers who are already travelling, it is not necessary to arrive at the Terminal well in advance, since the check-in procedures only begin with the authorization of the cruise line operator, as scheduled.
It is suggested that passengers arrive at the terminal from 11 a.m. However, be aware of the information on your ticket or seapass about the time check-in begins and the ship's departure, as boarding could eventually take place in a short period of time.

Is there parking available for passengers’ cars at the Maritime Terminal of Salvador?

The Terminal's parking lot is reserved exclusively for buses of the tour operators who carry out the tourist reception of the ships. However, along França Avenue there are private parking lots.

Is it possible to have access to the terminal accompanied by a guest?

Due to regulations of the Terminal's port Protection Plan, passengers holding a ticket or a seapass of the cruise and duly identified at the main gate are authorized to access the Terminal.

What objects can't I carry in my baggage?

Due to port security regulations, it is not allowed to board with objects or items that could represent a health or safety risk of guests, such as knives, pocketknives, guns, explosives, drugs and illegal substances. Also, objects that emit heat or produce flames such as ironing presses, electric stoves, candles, planks and hair dryers.
Cruise lines also don't often allow boarding with food or beverages because of food safety.

Where should I dispatch my baggage?

On arrival at the Maritime Terminal of Salvador, go to the baggage dispatch area located on the ground floor of the Terminal, right at the entrance.

Where should I check-in at the Maritime Terminal of Salvador?

After baggage dispatch, go to your cruise line's check-in counters located on the first floor of the Terminal. If you have any questions, check with your cruise line's attendants about check-in procedures.

At the Terminal, how do I confirm the gate and the time that boarding ends?

Cruise passenger information is available on the Terminal's audiovisual systems, organized by cruise ship. If you have any questions, check with your cruise line attendants.

The ship I am on a cruise will make a stopover in Salvador. How can I have information about what to do in the city?

The Terminal offers services to cruisers at the information desk, where information is available about the main tourist attractions that are in the surroundings of the Terminal and that can be accessed within walking distances.
If you wish to hire tourist or transport services, there is a travel agency and a taxi service at Terminal's lobby.

How can I confirm the arrival and departure times of a cruise ship that will berth at the Port of Salvador?

In the case of passengers, the date and time information is detailed on the ticket or seapass. However, if you wish to confirm the information, consult your cruise line or the travel agent who made the reservation.
If it’s not about passengers, consult the schedule of ships published on the CONTERMAS website, but be aware of schedule update, as changes of stopovers can be done by the ships.

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