Inquiries about arrival and departure information for the Terminal are common among passengers, especially if they are first-time cruisers. Be aware of the Cruise Line’s guidelines and the Terminal’s procedures to board and land without disturbances.


When boarding

Usually check-in at cruise companies starts after 11 a.m. as there is heavy passenger traffic disembarking from the ships until this time. In addition, in the first hours after the ship’s berh, there is a large movement of passengers and tourist vehicles in the terminal facilities. For these reasons, it is recommended that boarding passengers arrive at the Terminal at 11 a.m. in order to minimize the inconvenience of wait time for the ship’s clearance to check-in, and to avoid entry and exit obstructions.

At the Terminal, follow these steps:


  • Upon arrival, the baggage will be received by the CONTERMAS team in the baggage dispatch area. Before boarding, make sure that all pieces are properly labeled.
  • Go to your Cruise Line counter, located on the first floor, for information on boarding procedures and times.
  • Once the check-in is cleared by the representative, be aware of messages in the audiovisual system and remember to have all your travel data (seapass) and necessary documentation handy.
  • Check the departure time of your ship, as the boarding procedures close at the Port prior to the departure time. Consult the cruise company for details on check-in.


When disembarking


Before disembarking, check with the cruise company if there are any recommendations in relation to the order of passenger clearance when landing. There are cases where there is a large number of people disembarking, so we usually adopt the escalation of ship’s decks or by luggage color tags.


When leaving the ship, follow these steps:


  • When you go to the Terminal disembarkation area and after locating your luggage, make sure that the suitcases are your own and that you have all your belongings. The passengers are not allowed to return to the disembarkation hall.
  • International cruisers must pay attention to the immigration and customs control procedures of the Federal Police and the Federal Revenue Department, respectively.
  • To exit the terminal, if you choose to use the cab service, there is a cab cooperative counter before the exit door. You can hire the service or, if you prefer, go directly to the cars that are duly parked on the left side of the terminal, when exiting.


In case of difficulty or inquiries, ask the CONTERMAS staff who are properly uniformed and identified in the Terminal area.